Shout, shout… Let it all out….

There used to be many things I could do without, but not any more!

I’m John Quinn and I have the honour of working with the brilliant new songwriting charity (our beloved subtitle!), the Nathan Timothy Foundation, with friend and colleague, Nathan Timothy! What’s my job here at the Foundation? At the moment, it’s many things! There are four of us and we’re collectively engaged in the process of bringing this amazing organisation, concept and opportunity together. We’re loving our planning charts, Charity Commission forms, social media forays, the fortnightly team meetings at our fabulous HQ (courtesy of the uber kind @MR_Recruitment) and gathering many friendlies to our door……. Like the A Team, we just love it when a plan comes together!

Oh yes, my job here at the Foundation… I’m the Director of Engagement – it seemed to suit me best, giving me the scope to explore lot’s of opportunities for us and not be tied down to one restrictive brief. I like doing stuff, getting stuck in at every level. I’ve years of experience working face-to-face with CYP from every walk of life. I’ve trained, participated, laughed, cried and above all else, learned a great deal and have had lot’s of fun over the years, especially during the three years I worked with Nathan. I’m also fundraiser, an ideas person, marketer, a fairly coherent communicator, social media fan and many other things here at the Songwriting Charity.

When I’m not out with the team, I can be seen tapping away on my BlackBerry, Tweeting rally cries/tub-thumping relentlessly and generally being very proactive on our social media front. Fundraising is a crucial part of my job and I’ll also be found neck deep in applications for funding, business development proposals, wacky sponsorship ideas of my very own…. it’s all about engagement…. we’re very social people. We like conversations with like-minded folk, people with passion for music, songwriting, supporting education and opportunities for children and young people to participate and take the lead. We’re an enterprising lot and certainly not risk averse, but we are careful and we don’t believe in over stretching ourselves – it does our beneficiaries and us no good if we take our eye off the ball or risk too much. Times are tight, and prospects aren’t always clear cut. So join in the conversation, call us or email us, share something, share nothing, but if you can give, raise awareness, signpost, or rally cry for us, then don’t be shy!

I made a promise to myself once to never be too far removed from what happens on the ground. Finger on the pulse and all that. I also made noises that I want to enjoy myself. I want to work with people, not just for them, to be part of positive change and much much more. Here I am, at the beginning of a long journey that will I hope, encompass everything I could dream of in a new (ad)venture….. I also dad dance like a pro!

Progress is being made and everything is on schedule – no curve balls please!

We are the Songwriting Charity……..

John Quinn

Director of Engagement
Nathan Timothy Foundation Ltd
‘The Songwriting Charity’

Twitter: @NTFoundation
Charity Reg. Pending

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