Good Vibrations


I was thinking about the top 5 songs that make me feel good this morning as I was running on the treadmill.

‘Good Vibrations’ made famous by the Beach Boys is always the first song that pops into my head – I think it’s a great example of a perfectly crafted song that simply makes me feel good. That man can write a song that’s for sure. I believe he wrote many others…Ha ha.

Number 2 song that always makes me feel good is ‘Rock With You’ made famous by Michael Jackson – you may have heard of him. Have you heard of the guy that wrote the song though? Mr Rod Temperton? One of my heros of songwriting who also wrote that song ‘Thriller’…oh yes. ‘Rock With You’ is another great example of pop writing marrying beautiful lyric and melody.

Number 3 feel good song for me has to be ‘I’m a Believer’ made famous by the Monkees but written by Neil Diamond. This song is guaranteed to get you singing, dancing, smiling…it’s always a hit at weddings!

Aware that I might sound like I’m stuck in the past as these three songs were written ages ago I tried to think of some modern classics that might grace my top 5. How about Bruno Mars’ ‘Lazy Song’? or the Wonderful Adele singing ‘Rolling in The Deep?’

Here at the Songwriting Charity we’d be keen to hear which songs make you smile…Obviously there are many songs out there that have the power to make you feel good. That’s why I love songs so much and why I’m passionate about getting children songwriting through our fully inclusive programmes.

Drop us a tweet @NTFoundation or check out and sign up to our mailing list.

We’d love to hear your views.

Check out the latest talent out there worldwide right now. There’s some Good Vibrations going on!

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