I love it when a plan comes together…….

The last few months have been an emotional roller-coaster here at the Songwriting Charity, in a good way of course! For some reason, images of The A Team and George Peppard chewing on his cigar whilst dusting himself off after another close encounter, have been buzzing around in my head for the last few days; not sure what the trigger was or whether I was hankering after some classic old school television. What I do know is that every waking minute of the day, something new, something shiny, something undeniably exciting and extraordinary just pops up in plain sight! Only this time, It was because the plan was coming together!

Everything has become so clear; lucidity, purpose and the understanding that we have shaped something brilliant has now replaced the sense of anxiety that I blogged about last week.

Even this evening, after making some key decisions between us today, more was on the table, more ideas and random thoughts were shared. One statement stood out and it was a welcome insight offered by NT. The Songwriting Charity has seven beating hearts at its core.

Yesterdays big get together at NTF towers brought together dedicated professionals from all walks of life. It started with a wonderful and uplifting visit by Giuseppe. Only the second time I had met him, but he’s one of those people whom you feel almost instantly at home with, comfortable and pleased to be around. Then we met with our Trustees for the first time. The best thing about yesterday was that ‘we’ all knew we had to be part of the Songwriting Charity! Everyone around the table had a tale to tell, insight to share, questions to ask, suggestions to make. There was also plenty of ambition, an understanding that risk is all well and good, but that risk must be managed. Singers, songwriters, sound engineers, marketing and partnership directors, an acting head, and me. Collegial working at its very best – and we haven’t really started yet!

Our Trustees are special blend of people. The staff team are a perfect blend of skill, talent and expertise. However, heart also matters and we’re all heart at the Songwriting Charity, pure heart.

So there we are, a few steps closer to realising NTs vision and making it happen for children and young people everywhere.

My anxieties have vanished because home is where the heart is, and I’m very lucky to have found another home……  now if only I could sing in tune!


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