Britain’s Got Talent

It seems every week, every Monday at least, is destined to be an exciting and thoroughly entertaining one. Our leader NT has been formerly recognised by the MBA students at the Kent Business School as Sir Nathan Timothy… quite right too! The man delivered another solo masterclass in recycling rhythm and rhyme with the 2011cohort and next generation of sharp-minded and business savvy investment bankers and hedge-funders! Considering these guys had very little time to ‘gel’ and form a bond, they were thrown in the mix and came out the other side, compact, lean, smiling, full of beans you might say and ready to take on the world! Listen to their track via our SoundCloud link:

Mind you, every songwriting charity workshop goes this well, each one being pure magic and perhaps those in charge of music education policy and practice should take a closer look at the magical ingredients; genuine enthusiasm, knowledge, technical skill, people skills, can-do attitude (you can always create something out of nothing), energy and an unwavering commitment to those that you work with and teach that is honoured. The students at KBS had their very own Sir Nathan Timothy guiding them, letting them rip up the rule book, embrace creativity and expression with abandon – in three hours!

What’s my point…. oh yes, Britain’s Got Talent alright, not just at the Songwriting Charity, but within every individual we work with, school, college, university, no matter the background, skills, experience, technical know how – regardless. The catalyst, change agent, whatever, is the workshop and the talented Sir Timothy and Mr O’Sullivan Esq. mixed in with a little self belief!

2011/2012 is shaping up well for the Songwriting Charity. Our website is live, people are talking about us, commenting about our work and picking the up the phone to speak with us. Ducks in a row and all that…… and like I’ve blogged before, we haven’t really started yet!

If you’d like to experience a little Songwriting Charity magic in your school, college or university, then visit our website and go to Programmes to see what we have to offer.

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The D of E at the NTF


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