Time after time

You wait three months and two posts come along in quick succession!

This will be a short post however. Time after time, we receive terrific feedback from our partners. The team works exceptionally hard to ensure that all children who participate in our songwriting workshops get something tangible and memorable out of their time with us and more importantly, this quality creative time they have with each other! It will often transpire that this will be the first time the children will have collaborated in such a way; writing lyrics and composing, creating new beats on Garageband, trying out a new musical style and expression. We haven’t even got to the performance aspect of the workshop!

Up on our SoundCloud we have collected some wonderful feedback from children and teachers. Yesterday, the team were at a primary school in Greenwich running the first of 100 Sports Tracks songwriting marathon workshops, a project that will run throughout the Spring and Summer terms, going right through the summer holidays to the Paralympics on 28th August. The workshop as always, was superb; engaging, fun, interactive and productive.

When we hear teachers and other professionals give us the kind of feedback we’ve been receiving since the Songwriting Charity started up, we sit down and look to the future with a real sense of pride and achievement. It is however the children who make the experience so magical, for us and for their peers. They are the ones that deserve the praise for embarking on what can be a dizzying but exciting journey of personal and creative discovery.

There are over 94 individual tracks, interviews and testimonies available for you to listen to on our SoundCloud.



Director of Engagement

Nathan Timothy Foundation

‘The Songwriting Charity’
10 Whitehorse Mews
Westminster Bridge Road


Mailing List:  http://d.pr/mkXN
Twitter: @NTFoundation

3 thoughts on “Time after time

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