Sign of the Times

We’ve had another one of those roller coaster weeks at the Songwriting Charity; administrative work, making some very cool new friends (that deserves an entirely new post!), writing policies, delivering workshops, chasing funding, conducting funding prospect research, writing bids, talking to potential sponsors using every conceivable method of modern day communication, and cursing as Skype stutters and fails at crucial times when talking to new volunteers. I haven’t even mentioned a possible charity single. Keep an eye on our Twitter (@NTFoundation) feed for updates on that possible game changer.

We’re also waiting on some news about some new music tech, plus the roll-out of our music studio installation services; now that’s caught your attention hasn’t it?! Imagine a mobile Apple Store with a couple of Genius types and you’ve got the picture! We have team-building songwriting workshops and inset training modules; all logical extensions to our front line offerings to schools and groups. We want you to let us help build your capacity, working with you to ensure there is a ripple effect and legacy.

Trying to keep calm when so many plates are spinning is tricky at times, certainly not impossible. I think it’s a sign of the times for sure. Since we started our Songwriting Charity journey, we’ve told our story to hundreds of interested people, shared key information across our social media channels and most importantly of all, we’ve had a great deal of fun – and NO STRESS! But we’ve worked really hard to lay strong foundations upon which to build this fine charity that we’re all so proud of.

Of course, all our big plans need fuel, and whilst the current macro and micro-economic climate is still a shocker, we can’t wait for opportunities to fall into our lap, we have to create them. Nearly a thousand kids have worked together and with us and have written a staggering range of original songs and music in the last four months alone. There are thousands more out there who until now, may never have had this creative outlet and opportunity offered to them.

I love this phrase, because it is so true of our charity, but we run on the smell of an oily rag. Granted, it won’t be like this for long, but the early days are always challenging ones. So if you would like to help us in some way, for example sponsor a programme, or make a donation towards our work, get in touch.

We are the Songwriting Charity, thank you so much for supporting us.


The D of E

of the NTF

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