Another Day, Another Night

The Songwriting Charity has many friends and advocates. One of those is Singer and Songwriter Ali Haidar based in Melbourne, Australia. Ali used Twitter to say hi and to support our work and help create more awareness of what we do. Since then, Ali has been in touch regularly and as you’ll see from our first guest blog below, his support has taken on a new and exciting twist!

CEO of the Foundation, Nathan Timothy said, “We only started the charity in July 2011 and since then, the support for us has been overwhelming. We’re very proud that Ali has supported the Songwriting Charity in this wonderful way. Thank you Ali for always thinking of us. We’re looking forward to making that trip to meet you and the team at Sony sometime in 2012!”

Another Day, Another Night by Ali Haidar

“I wrote Another Day Another Night when I was working in the construction trade as an apprentice, and these words and a melody just came to me – “Maybe life isn’t what it seems”. At that point in my life I was in a very dark and shallow place; one that I don’t want to go back to. It wasn’t the best part of my life, but I made it through. Sticking to the melody in my head, I started writing more lyrics as I sung the tune to myself over and over.

Life was hard and there seemed very little left for me to look forward to. But then I wrote Another Day Another Night and it made me want to take hold of everything around me that was negative and change it all for the better.

I got up on my feet and started to get my music out there and thought of the people all around the world who would benefit from my song and who would relate to it. Eventually my team at Sony got in contact with some artists and asked them to be on the track.

The purpose of the track was to make an impact on society, and to help those going through life and who had some sort of tragedy. You know, like ‘let’s not waste another day or another night.’ I then thought to myself it would be even better to release this single as a charity single. My team and I thought and talked about it, and concluded “Another Day Another Night” would be a great song to represent everyone out there who is going through some kind of pain in their lives. We then got in contact with the charity and they loved the idea.

“Another Day Another Night” will be on my upcoming mixtape “Vulnerability in Abyss”, which will also have some new songs and remakes……. but for now, that’s all that will be revealed!

I love the work that the Songwriting Charity does, and the lives they continue to change. So with this song I hope the message gets across. I’m so blessed and glad to be a part of this project. Thank you to the Nathan Timothy Foundation for having me!” 🙂

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