Reasons to be cheerful …. two

Imagine our surprise and excitement to wake up one morning and find a very public gift on our social media doorstep! Bea and Andy Marshall are the Web Design Family and run the wonderful and highly regarded web design studio called Moogaloo. Moogaloo have pledged 10% of their turnover to support our work. In one word, amazing! Such an exciting level of engagement and opportunity beckons. One look at their own website (see screen grab above) and you begin to appreciate why they’re special. After you read their guest blog below, experience the delights of their home page and savour the kind of web design journey they will take you on!

What does this kind of support mean to us? We’re a small charity and support like this can literally make all the difference, enabling us to deliver work in areas we haven’t been to yet, reaching even more children who are disadvantaged in some way, are being bullied or are nervous about transitioning from primary to secondary school. We can equip ourselves with specialist equipment such as SoundBeam or a couple of iPod Touches that we can use in our workshops with children with Special Educational Needs. The charity is also of the size where such injections of support filter right on through to the frontline. Every penny and every pound helps us deliver.

Bea & Andy, we send you much love and appreciation. Thank you for your openness, tribute and support.

“Isn’t it wonderful when you come across something that puts a smile on your face?  A thing which is a joy to explore. One of those moments in life when you remember that people really are good and, armed with creativity, can bring about transformation.

This is how we, at Moogaloo, felt when we discovered the Nathan Timothy Foundation.  There is so much passion behind the work of this charity and it excites us that their shared passion is working towards the emotional health and well-being of children.

Moogaloo is run by Andy and Bea Marshall.  We are a Web Design Family and we seek to create websites that customers enjoy visiting.  We know that when creativity and strategy come together all manner of things can transform.  This is how we go about designing and making such visually stunning and effective websites.

From the age of 11, Bea was bullied for several years while at school.  The bullying got so bad that one day she found herself crying at the top of the multi-storey car park getting ready to jump.  Fortunately the security guards for the car park heard Bea crying and rescued her.  After that the school took the bullying more seriously but the damage from bullying takes a long time to heal.

We believe that children should have every opportunity available to feel empowered in their sense of self worth and in their relationship with one another.  The video on the Nathan Timothy website shows just how powerful this way of working with children is.  We have been inspired by the testimonials of staff, parents and children themselves, showing the incredible impact this project is having already.  We want to be part of all of this and that is why we are giving 10% of our turnover to The Nathan Timothy Foundation.  We believe that it can make a difference and that difference can last a lifetime.”

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