Songwriting Charity and Skoogmusic celebrate UK Inspire Day at Hackney Special School


Songwriting Charity and Skoogmusic celebrate UK Inspire Day at Hackney Special School

Downsview School in Hackney will join in the UK Inspire Day celebrations by working with The Songwriting Charity and Skoogmusic to create an original song for the Hackney School’s Sports Championships in July.

UK Inspire Day is a celebration of the London 2012 Inspire programme – a family of over 2,700 projects across the UK that have been inspired by the Games to do something special in their local communities.

Seb Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games said: ‘UK Inspire Day is a celebration of the Inspire programme and more than 2700 exceptional projects like the Songwriting Charity’s Songwriting Marathon whose events and celebrations this summer will bring the UK to life.’

The Songwriting Charity’s Songwriting Marathon is one of the exceptional projects to have been awarded the coveted Inspire mark and become part of the London 2012 Inspire programme that has already given 10 million people across the UK an opportunity to join in with Games-inspired activity and try something new.

Nathan Timothy, CEO of the Songwriting Charity said: “I am delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with Skoogmusic at Downsview School on UK Inspire Day. Skoogmusic and our charity share a vision to empower all young people through the art and craft of songwriting. And the Skoog is an amazing instrument to behold.”

Nathan added: “We’ve worked with over 1000 children since we started the Songwriting Charity and now that Skoogmusic is in the creative process, we’re excited at how we can really encourage and empower all children to make music.”

Dr Ben Schögler, Creative Director of Skoogmusic Ltd said: “We are really thrilled to be working with the Songwriting Charity on this wonderful project. At Skoogmusic we believe in ‘music for everyone’ and more importantly that everyone has the right to make their own music.”

“The opportunity the Skoog offers for including all children in actively making music is unique. We hope we will be able to help more children, particularly those with disabilities or additional support needs, through the art and craft of songwriting.”

Aneurin Wood, Principal Equalities & Disability Inclusion Officer at The Learning Trust said: “I am delighted that the pupils from Downsview have the opportunity to play an active role in the Hackney Schools’ Sports Championships by composing the official anthem of the Hackney Schools’ Sports Championships”

Notes to editors 

Nathan Timothy Foundation – the Songwriting Charity

We are the number one charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting. The work of the Songwriting Charity, addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology. The Songwriting Charity formed in 2011, based in London, Cambridge and Gloucestershire.

About the London 2012 Inspire Programme Songwriting Marathon

26 songs recorded in 26 schools, in the spring/summer terms of 2012. A world class London 2012 themed anthem is written and performed by a class of children in a primary, secondary or SEN school.  The children’s anthem is recorded and ready to share with the world at the end of an exciting one-day workshop.

The Songwriting Charity is a wellbeing charity, formed in July 2011 and working across the country delivering songwriting workshops designed to boost the self esteem, confidence and participation of children and young people using songwriting and music technology.

Contact details: John Quinn, Director of Engagement, Nathan Timothy Foundation, on 07950 022009 or emailImage

About Skoogmusic Ltd: Skoogmusic Ltd was founded in 2007 by Dr’s Ben Schogler and David Skulina.

The company is the commercial result of the NESTA ‘new instrument’ project lead by Professor Nigel Osborne. Skoog is a radically simple, all-new musical instrument that gets more people playing music, particularly disabled children.

For more information – Contact Ben or David on 0131 554 2838 /

About The Learning Trust:

For more information and photography, contact Steve Ebert, Corporate Communications Manager, The Learning Trust, 020 8820 7474

The Learning Trust took over the responsibility for education in Hackney from Hackney Council on Thursday 1 August 2002. The Learning Trust is responsible for the education of over 26,000 children in 75 schools. For further information visit The Learning Trust website at

2 thoughts on “Songwriting Charity and Skoogmusic celebrate UK Inspire Day at Hackney Special School

    • Thank you. We’re very lucky to have some smart and innovative partners.

      We referenced Red Balloon and the NatCen research in our post about our BullyBeat workshops and also this year’s Anti-Bullying Week.

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