Update on the charity single Another Day Another Night

Back in February, we were contacted by an artist about an idea to release a charity single that would help raise funds and awareness of our wellbeing work with children and young people.

Four months on from our original post, and eight months on from the start of work on the actual single, further information has come our way about the release of this single and we wanted to share with you what we’ve been told so far! We’re quite excited by this, but will need to be patient! In the meantime…..

 “Update on the charity single Another Day Another Night

A music video for the single has been recorded in four different countries. The video’s depicts the struggles that human beings face every day. Every individual has their own struggle, and has to face them. But the meaning is this:

 “Everyone struggles once in their lives, everybody hurts and when you put yourselves in others shoes you can feel their pain and joy… and when you think about it, it’s all the same, we’re all HUMAN. No one ever said life was meant to be easy”

Nothing has been confirmed about when the single is going to be released but rumor has it that the single will debut at this year’s ‘Save the Music’ charity event, and consist of four different artists appealing to R&B, soul, rap and adult contemporary music audiences.

The money raised from the single will be donated to the Songwriting Charity, who use songwriting and music to boost the emotional health and wellbeing kids. They deliver amazing work to combat bullying, improve literacy, and wellbeing and will use the proceeds to set up a songwriting project between UK and Australian schools.

When we have more information for you all, we’ll share it! The Songwriting Charity is very excited by these developments. More so because on the back of this singles release, we may have an opportunity to develop a number of new projects for the benefit of children and young people at home and in Australia using songwriting and music technology to address a whole range of social issues and experiences. Watch this space!

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