The story behind the single Another Day Another Night

We’ve been sent excerpts of an interview with the artist/songwriter behind the proposed charity single  Another Day Another Night. Here he talks in detail about his work, what inspires him as a songwriter, and the reasons for writing the song.

What inspired you to write songs and music? What is the story behind this?

I started writing poetry at 7. Not many people know this because I never spoke to anyone about it, as I didn’t know how certain people that I considered closest to me would react or what views they would impose me. But I still wrote and wrote until I was 15, that’s when I decided that I wanted to do with my life. Song writing has changed my life in so many ways, ever since the first song I wrote when I was kid up until the point where I am now. As I child writing poems and lyrics helped me deal with everything that was happening around me. Music and God saved my life, because I always said “even though that everyone neglected me, I always knew that God was standing right beside me”, and music made me feel that there are others out there going through what I was going through or who were going through twice as much as I was. It made me feel that I wasn’t alone, and I always had something to turn back to.

Why “Another Day Another Night”? What does this song mean to you? There are so many other songs out there with a similar meaning, what makes “Another Day Another Night” different?

When I finally finished writing “Another Day Another Night”, it was like my thank you to God for giving me this gift and for helping me to make it through each day. It was also my thank you to music for inspiring me. I wrote “Another Day Another Night” for many reasons, the same reason why Mary J Bilge wrote “No More Drama”, the same reason why The Game wrote “Dream”, the same reason for Michael Jacksons “Man In the Mirror”, and the same reason for Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly” album. All these artists and more have one thing in common, they made those songs to represent a change and struggle in their lives. I feel that my song has so much more to say about life, and anyone out there going through whatever struggles they may face, will relate to it. Even now I reflect on this song to help me get through my own daily struggles.

The message that ‘Another Day Another Night’ sings can reflect so many problems in the world but what is the main theme of the song?

“Another Day Another Night” is my way of saying “there is more to life than what it means to me, I just want peace for once and I’m tired of all the drama. Yeah, I have made mistakes and I can admit to them, but we’re all human, we all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. No one ever said life was meant to be easy is also a key message of the song. But I wrote the song for many reasons, mainly because I was tired of being in the same position every time I wanted a change in my life, and that was what I wanted to change. I was tired of being someone who others wanted me to be, so I didn’t want waste another day or another night being someone I wasn’t. I was tired of hurting, tired of drama, tired of all the problems surrounding me, and knowing that no one would be there to help me, and no one could make the change necessary but me. I wanted to be happy.

Rumours about the artist line up are going around. They say you and others involved in the production of the song such as Bryan M. Cox, are leaving hints here and there. Are you aloud to reveal who the line up is?

I actually left some hints talking about it right now. But the world will have to wait for the premiere and the release, which will also be available on the promotional mix tape “The vulnerability of Abyss”

For someone who is new to the music scene, what was it like recording the song, what were you feeling when you were in the studio putting the song together and starting on the production?

Recording another day another night was something else. It was the only song that I ever wrote that I was allowed to work on the production of it. I worked on every detail of it with Bryan M. Cox , from the vocal production to the harmonies, to the melody to everything! I worked on it. It was really tricky as it was my first time, but I loved it, and I learnt a few new tricks here and there.

The artist line up was actually a surprise, and a shock to me, but it was an honor to be in the same room as these artists and the fact that I got to know them personally behind the mic, was something else.

The charity has heard the snippet of the song, which we absolutely adore. What are your thoughts on the track? Is there anything you didn’t want in or wanted to change?

It was tough getting the track together but we got it done and we got it right. As we were recording the song, I was sitting in the studio re-writing it; I wanted the lyrics to flow more, for the vocals and the melody to soar.

It’s an up tempo ballad, the vocals are soaring, and the instrumental is unique. I can’t wait for the world to hear this song. When you put so much hard work into something you just want to share it with the world. I still haven’t marveled at what we at Sony and the Songwriting Charity have accomplished. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible. I really hope that the message of the song gets across, and that we can live to see another day and another night. – Ali Haidar on writing Another Day Another Night.

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