We are Ploink Charity of the Month for November!

We are Ploink Charity of the Month for November! It’s true! With a nationwide BullyBeat project underway and another being planned with some new partners in the East of the country for 2013, this news comes at an exciting time for the charity! We are now officially operating in the North, South, East and West of England, have an expanding team, a growing reputation for excellence on the ground and a collection of testimonials from professionals sharing the considerable impact we are having in their schools and groups. Our engine-room is a small one compared to other charities. We’re a young charity that needs donations, big and small, and this is why Ploink matters! This is why being Charity of the Month for November is such a big deal for the Songwriting Charity!

What’s the big deal about Ploink? Ploink is the UK’s first (and in our opinion, best) charity micro-giving website and over the last two-three years, has grown tremendously with over 400 charities of all sizes registered to receive micro-donations from the public. Ploink has democratised giving! Marc Simpson’s electronic piggies help us to make that leap from dropping coins in buckets at supermarkets, to being able to make considered judgements about huge number of charities on the recommendations of others, or our own research and taking that (first) step to becoming a donor. Pennies and pounds they may be, but it’s the act of giving that counts! And this is why we love Ploink!

The site has recently been refreshed and refined, adding some new features such as an improved messaging system between charities and supporters – we like the term micro-philanthropists! The long running Charity of the Month match fund has also grown from an initial £50-£100 to a whopping £250 in matched funding provided by the good people at CardSave.

So how does this all work for us during the month of November? To donate to us using Ploink, you do the following;

  1. Register (it’s free) and create your profile, add a photo and little about you!
  2. Search for Nathan Timothy Foundation and click ‘support’ – it’s that easy!
  3. You can select up to three charities in total;
  4. Drag change from the line of coins above your electronic piggy into ours and hear the piggy go ‘ploink’!
  5. Once your piggy is full, you can click donate, where you’ll be taken to a secure payment screen;
  6. If you want to schedule your ploinks (pledges) and then donate later, then hit Auto Ploink and drag how much you want the system to Ploink for you until the piggy is full!

All we ask you to do is to make sure that by the end of the month, you donate your piggy’s contents so that your donation is matched. The first £250 raised in November will be matched by CardSave to the tune of £250! £500 plus any Gift Aid attached to your donations will mean we can deliver a number of workshops for children and young people lacking in confidence, with low self-esteem, who are in receipt of Free School Meals, have a range of special educational needs and disabilities, or may have been bullied. Your contribution will help us to create more impact by adding more groups to our national network of song and songwriting!

Remember, remember, Ploink Charity of the Month for November – is the Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity!! Thank you for supporting us!

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