Thank you!

The Songwriting Charity has been around for a very short time. In that time, we have accomplished a great many things. 2012 was our first full calendar year of operations (yes, I know it’s not over yet!), and in the last 11 months (and a few weeks!) we have workedaround the country, made many new friends and started some exciting partnerships especially with High Barn Arts (see below) and Itper the Education Recruiter.

76241_438852469508504_609813257_nWe continue to have equally exciting conversations with other potential partners and can already sense that 2013 is going to exceed our expectations in so many incredible ways.

One of the highlights for us has been the level of engagement with you, the public, our friends, family, schools, partners, all of you have been such loyal supporters.

Thank you all for answering our appeals for help, whether through micro-giving powerhouse Ploink! or by joining up as Givers on The Giving Machine. The Ploink Charity of the Month Appeal that ran throughout November raised just under £800 for us! 26 fabulous people answered our Tweets and Facebook posts, encouraging others to jump in with their pennies and pounds too! An amazing month! Made even more amazing by the generosity of Card Save Charity.

Thank you to all those who SMS’d, penny dropped, used BT MyDonate to kindly donate money to get hold of our limited edition wristbands!

Thank you to all the generous people who saw a tweet or three and made the decision to support us with a donation, some words of support and encouragement, and as important, offering help in amplifying what we do and spreading the word. Emergent social action at its finest. Pratab Ali, thank you!

Thank you Kimberley Evans who tore it up around Greenwich completing the Run to the Beat Half Marathon. And thank you Peter O’Sullivan for taking on such a big challenges to help raise money for the charity and succeeding brilliantly! Both were supported generously by friends, colleagues and family and raised nearly £2000 in total. Peter collected some memorable video footage featuring a number of renditions of one of our Master Peace songs as he cycled 500km across Austria, Slovenia and Hungary!  You can still contribute to this amazing feat of endurance by clicking here! Thank you both for everything you have done to support us this year!

Thank you to the 10 hardy souls including our very own Threepio for signing up to scale the Three Peaks of England, Scotland and Wales! Epic! And all for a very special project later in the New Year!

Thank you to the Hub Peer Mentors at Horbury Academy in Wakefield, who have our admiration and appreciation for dedicating their fundraising activity to us and Children in Need! This special group of young people are at the frontline of the fight against bullying.  When we were told the Peer Mentors had chosen us to be joint recipients of their fundraising efforts, we felt so proud! The Hub Peer Mentors have a big role to play in their day-to-day school life. We’ve always been very impressed with how they promote the wellbeing of others. Not just content with raising money for good causes, they offered some insight into what they do. The Mentors said, We feel that Anti Bullying Week is a great time for us to promote to others about the impact of bullying. Our aim is to get the message out to everyone. Using social networks allows us to show,  to a much larger audience,  just how much passion we have for the work we do. Being part of something so important has taught us skills that has helped us achieve in so many aspect of life, it has given us confidence, made us resilient, made us grow up! It has taught us the skills we don’t believe we would have learnt elsewhere.” Jess Sayers, Katie Scholey & Beth Wilson, Horbury Academy Hub Peer Mentors (Picture). We’ll be seeing you guys sometime in early 2013 for some Bullybeat songwriting magic!Jess, Katie, Beth ABW Pic

Thank you to all our partner schools for staying close and helping us to help you! It has been an absolute joy to work with you over the last 12 months!

Thank you to members of our SC100 company giving schemeMoogaloo, First Class Business Solutions, Clear Financial Ltd, Supreme Cleaning Services and Dimension6000. Without your help, life would be much harder. Your support is crucial. We also need you to be ambassadors for the Songwriting Charity, encouraging your acquaintances and peers to come on board.

And thank you to all the commissioners who’ve worked with us this year. Thank you to our partners for providing support and encouragement.

NT will be committing to an almighty end of year blog very soon, so keep ’em peeled for that post! Until then, thank you all for being there!


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