Songwriting Charity @ Midem 2013

We’re attending Midem for the first time in 2013 to raise awareness of the work of Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity. We’re looking forward to making new contacts in the industry and finding new business partners to sponsor our unique and innovative songwriting programmes in the UK throughout 2013/2014. We are also looking to develop global links for projects in 2014 and beyond.

Nathan Timothy, CEO of the charity said, “I’ve always wanted to come to Midem. It is one of the most prestigious events on the music industry calendar, and I can think of no better place to introduce my charity to the music industry. We’ve got a number of exciting meetings lined up and I’m really looking forward to making new contacts and friends here in Cannes!”

If you want to meet up with Nathan, email him at

The work of the Songwriting Charity addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people, using songwriting and music technology. We have eight distinct workshop offerings covering subjects such as bullying, school transition, nutrition and healthy living to world peace. We work in partnership with and are supported by SoundCloud, BPI, BASCA, AIM, PRS, MMF and YouTube.

Over the next four days at Midem, we’ll be inviting constituents of the music industry, from artists, labels, producers, managers, to leading global media brands to join our Gold Disc Sponsors Programme, to adopt and invest in one of our highly innovative and engaging songwriting programmes for between one and three years.

Children taking part in our workshops grow in confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They are inspired, empowered and proud of their work. Children also develop an appreciation for the value of the songs they and their peers have written. This is of particular relevance to our industry as we try to stem the tide of illegal download of digital media, through the delivery of songwriting workshops in schools.

Become a Programme Sponsor and help thousands of children to develop and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness, fulfilling their potential and enriching the world in which they live in. Join us.

If you’ve spoken to Nathan and would like to commit to sponsoring a Songwriting Charity programme, please contact Director of Engagement, John Quinn: or tweet him @JohnMichaelQ or @NTFoundation

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