We love what we do at the Songwriting Charity!

Every week, we receive wonderful feedback and evaluation from schools we work with. The eagle eyed among you will know we also collect feedback at the end of our workshops from teachers and children, captured and uploaded to our SoundCloud. Every now and again, we receive an email or Facebook message from parents of children who gained so much in terms of improved self confidence and enjoyment because they participated in the songwriting workshop delivered that day. To follow is one such piece of feedback from a parent. It means so much to us that the work had such an impact. And, we’re very proud to be able to share this with the world!
“I wanted to write and say thank you so much for giving my son an opportunity to take part in the one-day workshop held at Old Bexley Church of England Primary School.  Briefly, my son has been under Great Ormond Street Hospital since he was a few weeks old and as a result of his condition he worries (and that is an understatement) when faced with anything outside of his normal structure/comfort zone.
I cannot even begin to put into words how much my Son enjoyed his day with Nathan Timothy and the enthusiasm he showed when coming out from school.  He was filled with happiness and excitement and couldn’t stop talking about his “musical day”.  He particularly couldn’t wait to play us the song that the children had worked on that day and indeed he still talks about the experience now.
The Songwriting Charity not only does fantastic work to get important messages across such as anti-bullying but also gives children an opportunity to build their confidence in a unique way.  It is a win/win situation.  I simply can’t put into words how happy and proud it made me when my son ran out of school so excited with a huge smile on his face, so thank you very much!” Mrs Sharon Keen.
Thank you, Sharon.

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