Why I Give To Charity?

Giving to charity has become more important to me since I became a parent myself. We do not choose the cards we are dealt at birth and for some, life is far more of a struggle, than it should be.

I give to charity because I believe that I am no different to anyone else, I’m just fortunate, and I feel that by ‘giving’, whether it be my time, or in a small financial way, I can help make a real difference to someone in need.

I first heard about the Nathan Timothy Foundation – ‘The Songwriting Charity’ whilst attending a ‘Matt Cardle’ gig last summer. The Songwriting Charity were the chosen beneficiary of the money kindly raised, through the sale of a small number of VIP ‘meet and greet’ tickets. However, it has been via ‘Twitter’ that I have learnt of the invaluable work they do, helping young people to express themselves and deal with a variety of issues, through their songwriting workshops. Not being local, nor hugely wealthy, I was unsure what, if any help I could be, however, it soon became apparent that any ‘retweeting’ or sharing of their posts on social networking sites, was greatly appreciated and from there our friendship has grown. Now, whenever I shop online, I go through ‘The Giving Machine’, donating where possible, a % of my total spend to The Songwriting Charity and also donate my small change to them, once a month, via online site ‘Ploink’.

These small acts on my behalf, are not only used almost immediately by The Songwriting Charity for their work, but are genuinely appreciated by them and they are exceptional at thanking all those, who help them help others.  It is a ‘relationship’ that I not only value, but one in which I feel valued too.

Helen Hannam

And from everyone at The Songwriting Charity, a big thank you to Helen Hannam for sharing her thoughts with the world! Helen, you’re a star!

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