Bully Beat Songwriting Programme Given a Major Funding Boost

Major funding has been awarded to The Songwriting Charity to support the delivery of our Bully Beat anti-bullying songwriting and wellbeing project to primary and special schools, and pupil referral Units across the Swale district of Kent. More than 1800 children will benefit directly.

Nathan Timothy, Chief Executive of the Songwriting Charity said, “This is a huge moment for the charity. We’re very proud to have received the backing of the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust and offer our heartfelt thanks to Nick Lawson and the Trust’s Committee for believing in us! Being awarded funding from the Trust will make this the single biggest mobilisation of the Bully Beat programme since we formed the charity 18 months ago.”

“The idea is to get children across the country talking through a regional and national network of song, promoting positive anti-bullying intervention. The more we talk, the stronger the anti-bullying message becomes. And when you transform those messages into song, they are amplified and all the more impactive.”

Nick Lawson, Chairman of the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust said, “The ALMT is all about mitigating the suffering of children. Through the Songwriting Charity we have a clear chance to identify and act on bullying in schools.”

ImageOne of the schools that will benefit from the funding provided by the ALMT is Halfway Houses Primary School on the Isle of Sheppey. Head teacher Ryan Driver said, The Songwriting Charity has enabled our children to be proactive in their stance against bullying. Being part of the songwriting process has allowed them to voice their opinions through music and song as well as being able to share their work with the rest of the school and the community through our website. This kind of creative experience really enriches what we do, as a school, to promote the anti-bullying message.”

About The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust

The ALMT is a registered children’s charitable trust committed to mitigating the suffering of children by working with grassroots partners across the world. The ALMT make targeted grants to programmes that it believes will outlive its legacy and they have a proven track record of supporting sustainable projects internationally. By the close of 2012 the trust had engaged globally in more than 50 projects with 35 partners in 17 countries. Further information about the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust can be found here: http://www.almt.org

About the Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity

The work of the Nathan Timothy Foundation ‘The Songwriting Charity’ addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people using songwriting and music technology. The charity’s Bully Beat songwriting workshop has been designed to enthuse primary aged children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious anti-bullying message.

To date children’s songs written across a range of Songwriting Charity workshops have been streamed approaching 70,000 times on the charity’s SoundCloud, and their music videos viewed more than 32,000 times via the Songwriting Charity’s YouTube Channel.

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