What Makes Me Support The Songwriting Charity?

My childhood wasn’t ideal at all. It was torture. I was a bit of a frustrated/angry child and teenager. We weren’t allowed music in the house because my father wouldn’t allow it as music was seen as corrupting. Hypocritically, he would listen to music from his own background, which I found hard to listen to. I can’t begin to describe it to you. 
When I did get to hear music (i.e classical, pop, rock, easy listening) it was a sanctuary from the hell that was my life. I had to steal private moments with music because it wasn’t allowed in the house. Sometimes my ear was pressed against the wall listening to the music my neighbours were playing or if I was fortunate enough to be at a friends house, I’d listen to their parents collection.

Music lessons at school offered some release, although music was seen as a dumping ground for kids who were troublemakers or whose behaviour was challenging in some way. So, we were ignored a little perhaps. A wasted opportunity for me and others at a time when it could have made an impact.

I believe in the work your charity does with children. The children may not understand it now but maybe one day they will realise the importance of music in their lives. Music inspires, soothes, motivates and I love that your charity will be helping children make their own music.

Thanks to hard work from my former piano teacher I’m able to compose my own tunes, which have been trapped in my mind for decades.
Pratab Ali

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