Let there be cake!

On Friday 26th July 2013, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary or birthday, we couldn’t decide on which was more appropriate so we used both, sometimes in the same sentence – oops! What an extraordinary day it was! Not only did we mark our special day by announcing Rupert Hine as our new patron, but the announcement was covered on a number of fronts with particular mention for our lovely friends at Music Week, BASCA (thanks Graham!) and Songwriting Magazine. This time last year, we announced Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA as our first Patron in Music Week! Those top people at SoundCloud also shared some Songwriting Charity love by tweeting their appreciation for our work and mission.

Friday also gave us plenty of cheer because of the wonderful reception we received from you, yes you, friends, family and supporters of our two year old charity, together you made it a very special day – to each and every one of you, we say thank you.

In time honoured tradition, we’re going to continue celebrating our anniversary/birthday all week! We’re also going to share every single cake, eating cake, let there be cake, cake bake, birthday cake, cake(less) posing picture we were sent last Friday and over the weekend. If you didn’t manage to take a cake picture, bake a cake and pose with it, or anything else cake related, then now’s your chance to join our anniversary cake gallery! All you have to do is email your picture to John Quinn and he’ll upload the photograph to this gallery. Don’t forget to tweet it mentioning us (@NTFoundation) or post it to our Facebook Page!

Ready, steady, bake!

THREEPIO - We salute you! Thank you Nathan x

THREEPIO – We salute you! Thank you Nathan x

Peter and June Timothy

Peter & June Timothy, thank you! x

Julia Allen Cake

Thank you Julia! x



Thank you Helen! x


Thank you Emma, Ben, Laurie & Kit!


Thank you Estelle, Nathan, Christian and Harrison!


All the way from Oz, thank you Amy!


Thank you Kimberley! x


Thank you Kathryn, JQ, George & John


Thank you everyone at Postlip Hall! x


Thank you Liz & Sarah, AKA The Floe! x


Thank you to the Quinns of Girton! x


Thank you Martin! x


Thank you Jo! x


Thank you Estelle’s Mum! x


Thank you Estelle! x

Paul eating cake on our birthday!

Thank you Paul! x


Thank you Rob! x


Thank you Pratab! x


Thank you Sarah! x


There is no try, only cake! Thank you Yoda!


Cut the cake Harrison! x

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