Artist Shaun Keefe pledges to support the Songwriting Charity

In a first for the Songwriting Charity, artist Shaun Keefe has pledged his support to us by agreeing to donate 10% of profit from sales of his unique and music-themed Guitart! Shaun’s work takes an iconic image and creates stylish, bold and visually stunning original artwork.

In agreeing to support us, Shaun said, “I am absolutely delighted to be involved. The Songwriting Charity is a wonderfully unique and important venture which is successfully reaching and enhancing the wellbeing of children.

From a very young age music has been part of my life, so I know the joy that it brings. Playing the guitar and using it in my artwork has been the cornerstone of my happiness. Enabling young people to express themselves via music, is the true benefit and value this initiative brings.”

About his GuitArt, Shaun told us, “In a list of iconic designs (of the latter half) of the 20th century the electric guitar would without doubt be near the top. The people that love electric guitars aren’t just the people that play them; the world loves electric guitars. Electric guitars are the keys to rich rock memories and big music moments in people’s lives.”

GUITART from Shaun Keefe plugs in to this deep seated affection and combines the beauty, colour and style of guitars with original paintings to create unique art that people want on their walls.

Shaun Keefe in situ

Shaun Keefe Guitart in situ

We are thrilled to have Shaun’s support. We think you’ll agree that Shaun’s art is unique and would make a wonderful addition to your own collection of artwork! Each limited edition print that is sold will also include a letter signed by the artist, Songwriting Charity CEO Nathan Timothy and Songwriting Charity Patron Rupert Hine. Shaun will donate 10% of profits to the charity.

Take a look at this refreshed selection of some of his prints in the photographs below. To make an enquiry or to buy Shaun’s limited edition GuitArt, please email him directly.

Guitart Shaun Keefe

Guitart Shaun Keefe


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