We love Ryan John at The Songwriting Charity. We follow him on Twitter and you should too – @RyanJohnMusic. Ryan has very kindly given us permission to reblog his latest post, something we ask you all to read when you have a moment. Ryan is a real talent; a terrific singer and an artist with a real gift and one to watch. He’s also a grafter and makes a very valid point about how television talent shows are now deeply embedded parts of our consumer psyche and way of thinking. We won’t spoil it except to say read for yourselves, then go and listen to Ryan’s music and enjoy. Perhaps when you listen to his work, you’ll have a better appreciation for his artistry and that of the countless other artists out there working exceptionally hard to make it in a massively competitive industry, one that appears to be full of short cuts……….

Ryan John

In the past I’ve sung a lot of other peoples songs. As much as I love singing and putting my own spin on another artists music, I prefer not to do it as much anymore. This is why…

(Not because of this picture, this is just purely for comedic value)


Ask anyone who can sing to remember how times they have been told that they should go on Xfactor. If they can at least hold a tune, they probably would have lost count by now. After doing gigs for a number of years, I can honestly say that I have heard that sentence thousands of times. It’s a compliment, don’t get me wrong, and I’m always polite and say thank you, but there’s more to it than that, it has become a way of thinking. It is now generally believed by the majority that if you want to make it…

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