Bully Beat is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday!

Bully Beat is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday!

It’s Bully Beats 8th birthday today. Over the last eight years, Nathan Timothy (and more recently the team at The Songwriting Charity) have worked hard delivering 1500+ workshops, working with 45,000 (at the very least!) young songwriters who have contributed to thousands of songs, soundbites, stories, messages, anthems and so much more. It all started at an anti-bullying conference at Charlton Athletic Football Club. Eight years on, Nathan (and Sarah) are there again during Anti-Bullying Week working with hundreds of young people from across the Royal London Borough of Greenwich to create yet another Bully Beat classic. Bully Beat has come home!

Happy Birthday Bully Beat! And congratulations, Nathan! What an achievement… what a milestone! What a team! Lastly, The Songwriting Charity would like to say thank you to every single school, group and young songwriter for making the Bully Beat journey such a memorable one, and for contributing so much to the anti-bullying movement! We ask one favour of our readers, do something kind, please share this post.

1 thought on “Bully Beat is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday!

  1. Reblogged this on frequentlywrong and commented:
    What a journey! One that I am very proud to have embarked on with you, and now Ben and the charity. Here’s to many more years of success, reach and impact. Bully Beat workshops are also a lot of fun to do.

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