Now We Are Three! You’re all invited!

Saturday 26th July 2014 will mark the Songwriting Charity’s third anniversary. Three years old and counting! No fancy party, no reception, no gatherings and no hospitality on offer…….

Instead, you can make our day and celebrate this milestone with us in the time honoured Songwriting Charity tradition of the cake eating, cake posing, posing with a cake, cake only, freshly baked (bought) cake selfie! One day we will throw a real world party and probably have a cake-off or something similar and you’ll all be invited. Till then, please indulge yourselves in some cake-baking malarkey and share your cake-selfie with us by tweeting @SWCharity or posting on our FB Page

Last year we had 22 cake photos from our wonderful and cherished friends and family.

Donor, relative, supporter, shopper/Giver, relative, a parent of a child we have worked with, or a teacher in a school we have visited – you’re all friends and family, and we want all of you to get involved and celebrate not just our third anniversary, but also the achievements of thousands of brave and courageous young songwriters who put their heart and soul into every verse, chorus and piece of music created in the last three years.

If you have any trouble sharing your cake pictures via the usual social media suspects, just email them to John Quinn and he’ll get them online for you. 

Get baking!

Much love,

The Songwriting Charity

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