The Kindness of Others


We start 2018 with important news that could have a significant impact on our fundraising and operational work. We offer our sincere thanks to Scott Pheby and Mike Osborne for choosing us to be the beneficiaries of their corporate support and charitable focus for the next couple of years. Scott is MD of Phebys Ltd Chartered Certified Accountants based in Huntingdon and along with Mike Osborne is co-Founder of The Fabulous Group. We’re so excited that Scott and Mike have chosen to take the Songwriting Charity under their collective wings and to help shape our future for the benefit of thousands of children and young people across the country. Here’s what Scott Pheby has to say about our relationship:

Phebys Ltd have had many clients in the music business over the years and those of you who know me well will be aware that I’m a big music fan. Through our association with the music industry, I attend the BASCA (British Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) Gold Badge Awards each year. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of my heroes at these events over the years, including Joan Armatrading, Mick Hucknall, Peter Gabriel, Sir George Martin, Sir Ray Davies and Emili Sandé to name but a few.

At last year’s awards, I was fortunate to meet a chap called Nathan Timothy, who was deservedly receiving an award. Following a successful 11-year teaching career, Nathan set up Bullybeat in 2007. These were song-writing and music production workshops for children to express their thoughts on bullying and its effects. He then joined forces with the charity Beatbullying where he worked as their music manager and music practitioner. In 2011, he set up the Nathan Timothy Foundation, better known as “The Song-writing Charity”. Since its formation, the Song-writing Charity team have worked in hundreds of schools, working face to face with over 30,000 children inspiring and engaging them to learn about music and feel good about themselves through the song-writing process.

Unfortunately, due to cut-backs, many schools are now unable to fund these interventions and Nathan, together with his associates who give their time for no reward, are having to increasingly dig into their own pockets to fund ongoing programmes. Consequently, we at Phebys Ltd are keen to help in any way we can. We are organising a big fund-raising event for Easter 2018, on which we’ll be giving more information in the New Year. But, from 1stJanuary 2018, we will be calling on the generosity of our clients to donate 1% of our fee to this fantastic cause. Phebys Ltd will match your donations pound-for-pound so, between you and us, we can hopefully raise a decent sum of money so that more children can benefit from this programme. To those of you who are supporting our new partnership with this charity, I thank you most sincerely for your help and I’ll make sure that we keep you posted on the impact that your generous contributions have made to children’s lives.

Many thanks,


The Songwriting Charity is small. Its workforce, though diminutive in number, is highly skilled. Nathan, Ben, Kat, Martin, John & Co are out on a weekly basis in schools and community groups across the country tackling a range of issues, taking in the sights from Bristol to Cheltenham, Sheerness to Cambridge, Warwick to Cardiff, Hertford to Clacton and Dover to London. Every day brings new enquiries and expressions of interest from schools and local authorities. We try hard to generate sufficient funds that will enable us to work with schools and groups up and down the land. Schools are under increasing financial pressure and while all would like to work with us, if we can’t secure a grant to deliver a project, they struggle to buy us in to work with their children. As is often the case, we’d rather work with schools than not, and therefore we go where we’re wanted and worry about the rest later!

We ended 2017 knowing that we had to do much more on the fundraising front if we were going to be able to meet the demand we are facing, and also to develop our own practice and ensure we continue to make available the very best creative opportunities for children and young people. With Phebys’ and The Fabulous Group’s support we are going to be able to achieve this and potentially much more. Thank you, Scott and Mike.

Phebys Chartered Certified Accountants


7 days left to win a Yamaha digital piano and help us to beat bullying!

7 days left to win a Yamaha digital piano and help us to beat bullying!

Chancester Bully BeatDon’t let this awesome prize slip from your grasp! You have 7 days left to make a bid of £4, just £4, to have a chance to win a Yamaha digital piano and the lessons to go with it. Bid once, twice, three times – it’s up to you. The more bids (tickets) you purchase, the more chance you have of winning. For all our previous games, we received cash donations from Chancester, so when you bid on this brilliant prize, you are also directly supporting The Songwriting Charity.

What’s the catch? There is none. You ‘bid’ an amount on what you think the ‘reserve’ price for that item is. Get close enough and you’re in the draw with an excellent chance of winning! Miss out, you simply ‘bid’ again, or not. It’s up to you.

If the game concludes and Chancester don’t collect the minimum amount needed to release the prize, they make cash payments to the winner and the chosen cause (us) instead.

If the minimum from this game is met when it closes in three months time, Chancester award the prize to the winner. The surplus is then donated to us.

If all the tickets are sold and we hit the target, Chancester release the prize to the winner and pass the funds raised to us!

Full details on how it all works can be found on Chancester.

It’s really simple. The chances of winning are always good because the number of tickets available to be bought for the game are limited. It is also a bit of fun, one that can earn us a donation and win you a brilliant prize! So what are you waiting for?

Go on, take a chance! If you’re lucky, you’ll get a digital piano and the lessons to go with it that will help you get the most out of your new prize!

Text Donate to the Songwriting Charity


Powered by Just Text Giving by Vodafone, every penny of your donation comes to us. Donating to the Songwriting Charity is simple. Just Text NTSC11 to this number, 70070 and an amount between £1 – £10.

UK tax payer? Then don’t forget to Gift Aid it!

This simple gesture helps to make our work possible.

The following is taken directly from Just Giving.
JustTextGiving is a free service. There is no cost to you for sending the text message and your free allowance/bundle will not be affected – the only charge will be the donation itself. 100% of your text donation (including Gift Aid) will be sent to the charity.

Being charged for a text donation.
The amount you’re donating will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your pay as you go credit.

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