“You helped me do something today I never thought I could” 

Friends, we need your help. The aim is simple, to deliver an exciting new songwriting and music project designed to empower young people in recovery from addiction. And we need you to help us by making a donation to make this project happen.

This is a new project, in an area of the country we’ve not worked before, and with beneficiaries who would benefit from the time and creative expertise of the Songwriting Charity’s workshop leaders and support workers.

We’ve named this project, Stronger Together, the objective is to embrace the needs of young people aged 14-19 who have experienced difficulties because of drugs and alcohol, and supporting them and empowering them through the art and craft of songwriting and music creation. The project will start on 18th April 2017. We have a base for the project. Young people who are already engaged in recovery are aware of the project and will be meeting with us soon to talk about the next steps.

Workshops led by Nathan Timothy and his team of freelance artists  will work with young people who will self refer over the course of six weeks, focusing on their strengths rather than their difficulties, helping them to look forward to the future with positivity and hope. The project will be based in a safe and welcoming environment, one that the young people will be familiar with and comfortable working in.

The funds raised will be used to entirely fund the costs of workshop leaders, session workers, pastoral support and venue costs. The route from donor to beneficiary couldn’t be clearer or more direct. We are accountable to our beneficiaries, and to you, the donor. We will share the successes, difficulties, impact, the things we make together and the changes that occur as a result of the project.

The title of this post is apt. Many children and young people say to us “You helped me do something today I never thought I could…..” this statement reminds us how powerful songwriting and music creation can be. It shows how opportunities like this can help by providing positive social experiences, addressing problematic attitudes and perceptions, and distracting from negative and damaging influences in a creative way.

Please consider making a contribution to this project, and in doing so you’ll help us replace a young persons feelings of hopelessness and negativity with a sense of pride, optimism and achievement.

Contribute here.

Get vocal about the Songwriting Charity during Small Charity Week 2013!

As we approach the end of only our second year as a charity, we look forward to celebrating what is shaping up to be a truly epic Small Charity Week which runs from 17th – 22nd June 2013. Why ‘epic’? Well for starters, all of our Songwriting Charity Workshop Leaders will be busy. Workshops will be running in Leicestershire, Surrey, Greenwich, Lambeth, Hackney. We are completing (huge) bids, catching up with our friends Ploink on Wednesday at the Small Charity Week Policy Reception, meeting a new Patron for the first time tomorrow (Monday!) and hoping our loyal and very supportive Facebook and Twitter friends will do their utmost to help us win some of the brilliant competitions being run by the Small Charity Week team! Before we get to the Facebook and Twitter competitions, we wanted to share some facts and figures about progress the Songwriting Charity has made in this very busy second year! And to think we’ve done most of this running on the smell of an oily rag!!
  • Up to 31st July 2012 we delivered 130 workshops.
  • The number of workshops in total that we will complete by 31st July 2013 will be 333, (give or take a few) which is a staggering increase of 156% on 2012’s figures. 
  • Number of children and young people we have worked with directly is currently 10,245. 
  • Songs written by children is currently at 350, but with five more weeks to go, there’ll be many more!
  • 88% of children and young people we’ve worked with would like a songwriting workshop every week!
  • 96% rated our workshops as Excellent or Good;
  • A third of children say they don’t want to sing at the start of the day but by the end of the day 9 out of 10 say they enjoyed singing with us! Confidence building!
  • 59% of children did not previously report bullying occurring. 95.04% say they would now report bullying in the future.
  • SoundCloud plays as of this evening are at 84,843.
  • And YouTube Video views stand at 37,919.
  • 86% of teachers notice positive changes in the behaviour of the children in the short time we work with them.
  • 100% of professionals say our work supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their students.
  • We have 36 audio testimonies from professionals we have worked as well as written feedback from more than 200.
  • We are now working with more than 400 schools!
  • You should read what parents have to say! And the children!
On the financial side, the charity’s first year of income (up to 31st July 2012) was only £37,103.00 (it really was just an oily rag!):
  • With voluntary income (grants and donations) at £2,401.00
  • And Project income (commissioning) £34,700
Things have picked up in the second year (up to 31st May 2013) with income currently at £118,842.76 (an increase of 220%!):
  • Voluntary income increased 2027% to £51.079.98!
  • Project income increased by 79% to £62,085.00!

We’re very proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. It has been tough for us in many ways; new kids on the block, being viewed as high-risk, no core funding, proving our worth and effectiveness, measuring impact. Why have we shared these figures with you? We want you to know how we’re doing. Our first full accounts will soon go up on the Charity Commission website (sooner if they’ll let us!). We want you to know because many of you reading this have made frequent and crucial donations in answer to our Tweets, Posts, and appeals using Just Text Giving, The Giving Machine, Ploink or BY MyDonate. And let’s face it, without your unwavering and enthusiastic support, we wouldn’t be in the position we are now!

Why is Small Charity Week so important to us (and the many thousands of others out there)? It’s the first time we have been involved of course! It’s a brilliant way to get people focused on the work of small charities up and down the country. The competitions that Small Charity Week 2013 are running are really simple ways to get you all involved! And we figured it would be a great way to try and mobilise our fans out there! What we need is for all of you to get ‘vocal’ and shout about us on the Small Charity Week Facebook Page for example, ‘I Love the Songwriting Charity because they support the wellbeing of thousands of children!’ or on Twitter, “I love @NTFoundation because they empower children through songwriting @SCWeek2013”. If we win, we will use the prize to part fund upcoming Bully Beat workshops! Remember to check out the Small Charity Week Website for the rules! If we don’t try…….

We are a strong, lean and dedicated ‘small charity‘ team that works tirelessly to help improve the self esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing of many thousands of vulnerable, disaffected, isolated and unhappy children and young people. Thanks guys. Have a good week and thanks for always being there!



A ‘First Class’ Partnership For The Songwriting Charity!

Leading Hertfordshire based IT company First Class Business Solutions (FCBS) has teamed up with the ‘Songwriting Charity‘. Both organisations will be working together to support the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people across Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. FCBS are supporting the charity financially, providing valuable sponsorship to help promote the charity’s work with children and young people. They are also finding ways to involve their business partners to maximise the ways in which the charity can be helped in a sustainable and impactful way.

Adrian Baxter, Managing Director of FCBS said, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with ‘The Songwriting Charity’. As a family company, we believe that the most crucial years of a child’s development are the early ones, learning at school, making new friends, exploring new subjects and developing their own sense of being and confidence. This is why ‘The Songwriting Charity’ is so close to our hearts. They give children the time to be creative, to express themselves in meaningful and collaborative ways.”

John Quinn, Director of Engagement of the charity said, “We’re really grateful to FCBS for choosing to support us. It’s a challenging time for our charity. We’re seeing increasing demand for our songwriting programmes. With help from FCBS, we can reach more schools and improve the wellbeing of even more children! FCBS are also involving their business partners, such as Sharp UK which is an exciting development!”

In addition to sponsoring the Charity’s workshops and other marketing activities and events, FCBS are offering the following service to schools:

  • A free of charge on-site consultation with a specialist to review current print, scan and copy systems with full audit if appropriate;
  • A free of charge report detailing current systems, costs and efficiency;
  • A detailed, no obligation proposal outlining how improvements may be made utilising new hardware at special discount costs, software and service to provide a superior fully managed solution.

If a school chooses to accept new hardware from FCBS as part of an improved solution, FCBS will make a donation to the Charity according to the level of hardware supplied!

If any school is interested in this offer, then please email Ian.Brown@fcbs.co.uk



About First Class Business Solutions:

First Class Business Solutions is one of the fastest growing document management technology sales and service providers in the U.K. We are successful in dealing with small to large businesses, charities and schools who desire to improve their document workflow with a prompt, easy and modern solution.

First Class Business Solutions are authorised resellers of the worlds leading copier, printer and digital office equipment manufacturers and certified by Sharp as a “Centre of Excellence”.

First Class Business Solutions’ service engineers are qualified with the latest office equipment technology and are continually improving their knowledge in order to maintain your machines to the highest standard.

Contact First Class Business Solutions on 01763 273731.


We are Ploink Charity of the Month for November!

We are Ploink Charity of the Month for November! It’s true! With a nationwide BullyBeat project underway and another being planned with some new partners in the East of the country for 2013, this news comes at an exciting time for the charity! We are now officially operating in the North, South, East and West of England, have an expanding team, a growing reputation for excellence on the ground and a collection of testimonials from professionals sharing the considerable impact we are having in their schools and groups. Our engine-room is a small one compared to other charities. We’re a young charity that needs donations, big and small, and this is why Ploink matters! This is why being Charity of the Month for November is such a big deal for the Songwriting Charity!

What’s the big deal about Ploink? Ploink is the UK’s first (and in our opinion, best) charity micro-giving website and over the last two-three years, has grown tremendously with over 400 charities of all sizes registered to receive micro-donations from the public. Ploink has democratised giving! Marc Simpson’s electronic piggies help us to make that leap from dropping coins in buckets at supermarkets, to being able to make considered judgements about huge number of charities on the recommendations of others, or our own research and taking that (first) step to becoming a donor. Pennies and pounds they may be, but it’s the act of giving that counts! And this is why we love Ploink!

The site has recently been refreshed and refined, adding some new features such as an improved messaging system between charities and supporters – we like the term micro-philanthropists! The long running Charity of the Month match fund has also grown from an initial £50-£100 to a whopping £250 in matched funding provided by the good people at CardSave.

So how does this all work for us during the month of November? To donate to us using Ploink, you do the following;

  1. Register (it’s free) and create your profile, add a photo and little about you!
  2. Search for Nathan Timothy Foundation and click ‘support’ – it’s that easy!
  3. You can select up to three charities in total;
  4. Drag change from the line of coins above your electronic piggy into ours and hear the piggy go ‘ploink’!
  5. Once your piggy is full, you can click donate, where you’ll be taken to a secure payment screen;
  6. If you want to schedule your ploinks (pledges) and then donate later, then hit Auto Ploink and drag how much you want the system to Ploink for you until the piggy is full!

All we ask you to do is to make sure that by the end of the month, you donate your piggy’s contents so that your donation is matched. The first £250 raised in November will be matched by CardSave to the tune of £250! £500 plus any Gift Aid attached to your donations will mean we can deliver a number of workshops for children and young people lacking in confidence, with low self-esteem, who are in receipt of Free School Meals, have a range of special educational needs and disabilities, or may have been bullied. Your contribution will help us to create more impact by adding more groups to our national network of song and songwriting!

Remember, remember, Ploink Charity of the Month for November – is the Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity!! Thank you for supporting us!

Summer time, and the giving is easy!!!!


The Nathan Timothy Foundation, the Songwriting Charity, is signed up to the online fundraising portal TheGivingMachine™. We hope to raise much needed income to support the charity’s wellbeing work which is centred around the delivery of songwriting workshops in schools and community groups for children and young people from five to 25 through the innovative online shopping scheme developed by four dads in Bishop’s Stortford.

A member of the Institute of Fundraising, TheGivingMachine™ taps into the multi-billion pound online retail market by providing a website for shoppers to buy from over 100 leading retailers. Every time they shop, a percentage of the sale is turned into a donation on behalf of the shopper and given to their chosen UK charity and/or school – at no cost to the shopper. The not-for-profit scheme launched nationally in 2007 and is already raising regular income for over 600 charities and schools across the UK.

The work of the Nathan Timothy Foundation – ‘The Songwriting Charity’ addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology. All of our one-day workshops are unique, presenting children with opportunities to sing, write lyrics, perform and record their ideas both individually and as a team – evaluating their progress and actively supporting the progress of their friends every step of the way. We are the #1 charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting. We were attracted to TheGivingMachine™ because of its ease of use, guaranteed regular income and the organisation’s transparency.

We also love the choice of retailers, the special offers available for our supporters and the fact that the team at The Giving Machine are friendly, helpful and always very supportive in their efforts to help us attract more support.

The fact of the matter is that we are all doing so much shopping online. If just 100 of our supporters shopped via TheGivingMachine, we could raise well over £1,000 a year of additional income! We have over 2000 Facebook supporters and if they all shopped via the Giving Machine…. well, it would make a huge difference!

To raise money for our charity, simply go to http://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk then join as a Giver/Shopper & select the Nathan Timothy Foundation as one of your beneficiaries. You can then shop via TheGivingMachine™ and support the wellbeing of children in your local schools, communities and beyond! 

Reasons to be cheerful …. one…

Back in May of last year, we didn’t have a base for our charity, no home, no where we could all meet. Apart from funding, crucial in itself, we needed a home, somewhere we could get together and make plans and preparation for the months ahead. Working from home, whilst something I’m glad I can do, can be a little isolating at times. Then there’s the added distraction of a two month old with the sweetest cheeks and all the home comforts and distractions that a lack of discipline can ruthlessly lay bare! Two people came to the rescue; Nathan and his old friend Mike Richards, MD of MR Recruitment. So there it was, the worlds number one global treasury recruitment consultancy kindly offering the number charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting a place to stay. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I asked Mike if he would blog about why he chose to help his friend as he went about establishing the only charity of its kind, anywhere! He hasn’t disappointed. MR Recruitment is committed to sustainable CSR and we’re very fortunate to be in a position to share all the energy, excitement and buzz of starting up a new charity with Mike and his colleagues Mike, Debbie and Matt.

Over to you Mike ……..

I was recently asked by one of my clients what we do / have done for charity as he himself was looking at giving up some of his spare time as an Interim Treasurer to an organisation he’s known for many years and he wondered what we’ve done and whether we would be interested in the Charity?

As I explained to him as well as Mike Tucker completing the Etape De Tour a stage of the Tour de France a year or so ago for Mencap, incidentally it was something like 110 miles up a mountain – mental if you ask me.

We as a team also do the London to Brighton Bike Ride the 60 mile bike ride that will be on 17th June this year and I will be Swimming Across The Solent in aid of the Isle of Wight Samaritans on the 29th July a busy time in store and yes we will be asking for your support!

In addition to all this we’ve been actively supporting The Nathan Timothy Foundation – the Songwriting Charity for the past 8 months.

The work they do addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology. Their workshops present children with opportunities to sing, write lyrics, perform and record their ideas both individually and as a team and it involves the children in actively supporting the progress of their friends every step of the way.

I became involved in the Charity through Nathan the founder of the Charity and a close friend of mine from University. In May 2011 he posted onto Facebook that he was looking for office accommodation and a central London location to try to get his Foundation started.

Nathan, despite being Welsh, has a heart of gold, a passion for music and a vision to help kids develop through the application of music and song. So we met and offered him the use of our offices. His immediate question was “OK, Mike but what’s the cost? We’re a start up with very shallow pockets – how will it work?”

My response was it’s free!

I felt that I wanted to be able to give back and support the charity as the work they do is fab. With 4 kids myself, I hope they get a chance to do some of the courses one day!

So they’ve shared the offices over the past 8 months for free as our bit to give back, once they’ve secured funding and I might add they’re nearly there! Then they can pay us back for the tea bags and start to make a contribution to our costs.

Until then we wanted to give back and support them! And you can too! Have a look at their website: http://www.nathantimothyfoundation.org/

Or who knows you might think hang on we’ve got some Corporate Charity cash sitting around that needs to be used up and I’d love kids to really benefit from their Anti-Bullying Workshop, Bully Beat or their Olympic Sports-based program, Sportstracks

Then click here and have a look: http://www.nathantimothyfoundation.org/get-involved.html

I’d say we’ve done our bit to try and help why don’t you?


Mike Richards

MR Recruitment