Coming with the Light of Kindness


What is Something Kind?

Something Kind is our newest programme and has been designed in partnership with Gloucestershire Healthy Living & Learning and is generously match funded by The Summerfield Charitable Trust.

The idea behind this programme is to consider anti-bullying from a different angle. Children often tell us that bullying means people are saying unkind things or aren’t nice to one another. Through positive reinforcement and considering the impact that kindness and acts of kindness can have, we’re helping children (and schools) to look at addressing bullying behaviour in a different way. Our key aim is to highlight the mutual benefits of kindness, looking at and measuring how this consideration can boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem, while also facilitating a more caring and supportive environment.

Already 85% of participants think that they will do ‘kind things more often’ With a further 74% saying they think their workshop experience will make children in their class feel more confident about being kind to each other. A further 65% feel proud of their achievements during their workshop, in particular the words they had written that day. The important thing is for children to recognise the power and impact an act of kindness can have on their peers, school community and on them as initiators and receivers of acts of kindness.

Something Kind is the flip side of our Bully Beat coin. Once awareness is established through school based bullying prevention/anti-bullying work, it’s important to help children explore other creative measures to establish and maintain a happy and enriching learning environment. Something Kind workshops provide unique opportunities to experience and offer kindness through songwriting and self-expression.

We’re adding new videos to the Something Kind playlist on YouTube. Have a look at what we’ve done so far right here.

This is what people are saying about Something Kind

“We were having slight problems with a group of Y5 girls asserting their authority somewhat with other girls both in Y5 and Y4. These girls gained a lot form the workshop and it has made them think: the problems have not recurred this term. During and after the day, the pupils were full of the experience. Afterwards, some of the Y5 girls came and asked when it would be used and what for. They were proud that it would form the basis of this term’s assemblies and follow up focus. One of the other girls came quietly and told me that she had really enjoyed the whole experience and felt that she was more ‘in’ with some of the other girls as a result of it.” Jane Attwood, HEAD, Leighterton Primary School

“The box of kindness is made and up and running and looks great! In the end, we got the children to all do a small drawing or write a message and stuck them all over the box so that they had all contributed to it.  They started telling me about acts of kindness they’d witnessed straight away, so that’s great! What’s also been useful is that when we’ve had any minor friendship issues come up, we’re able to reflect back on the workshop and what was discussed and think about if the individuals involved have shown kindness and then use this to resolve problems.” Gemma Rouse, Class Teacher, Gotherington Primary

“Thank you so much for a super day on Friday.  The Year 5 pupils had a wonderful time.  It was a great experience for them and the song sounds great! Thank you also for your assembly which you led at the end of the day – the children loved it and learnt a lot at the same time.” Sally Green, Head, The John Moore Primary School, Tewkesbury

“The team were extremely professional and importantly able to impart knowledge to every child. The end result was one which was completely owned by the children. There are many hidden elements contained within the workshop which can be used as supporting evidence. I feel that this one project would support an Outstanding Ofsted judgement as it covers many of the aspects contained within the SMSC criteria and the criteria for Outstanding.” Ben Jordan, Head, Gotherington Primary

Transatlantic Inclusion Project Brings Together Canadian and English Students


The Songwriting Charity is proud to have played a part in a transatlantic inclusion project. Facilitated by teacher (and friend of the Songwriting Charity) Jonathan Carnaroli who was interviewed extensively by local media covering the winners of the Community Living Algoma Inclusion Project, St. John’s Catholic School Grade Six and Seven students, won an iPad for an inclusivity-themed music video which was co-written with Gretton Primary School children in England. Gretton Primary School is one of the Songwriting Charity’s newest school partners and is working closely with our Director of Programmes Ben O’Sullivan who is leading our programme development and expansion in the South West.

inclusion2Over to you Jonathan!

“Throughout my career, I have always been an advocate of teaching with technology because of its ability to capture student interest when used effectively. Having been a bit of a novice in the Apple world at the time, however, programs like iMovie and Garage Band were rarely used in my classes; in fact, they weren’t even on my “shortcuts” dock.

During my two years as a Key Stage 2 teacher at Parsloes Primary School in England, all of that changed. I had the pleasure of working with Ben O’Sullivan on a few basic projects that involved music composition and film editing. Ben started me off small, showing me how to create iMovie trailers and edit existing audio files in Garage Band. Once I became comfortable with the software, I began working alongside Ben and Toby on larger projects.

Ever since my return from England in August 2012, I have wanted to facilitate a “Trans-Atlantic project” like this and the perfect opportunity arose in the form of a contest. In February, a local organization called Community Living Algoma challenged students in various schools to demonstrate “Inclusion” through a poster, song, dance, or music video. BAM! I suggested to my students that we create a music video with students from England and they obviously loved the idea.

The creativity started flowing in the Grade 6/7 classroom and within a few days, we were sending our lyrics and beat to our “co-producers” at Gretton Primary School (UK). The final product was incredible. The students on both sides of the Atlantic were buzzing about this project, as well as the teachers and parents who witnessed the process and product. In my city (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario), this project was broadcasted by local news channels and radio stations. Our Grade 6/7 class won the iPad, which was the grand prize in the contest. But the real prize, without trying to sound too “cheesy”, was how the whole idea of inclusion was encompassed and brought to life through this project.

The Grade 6/7 students at St. John are so proud of their work and feel like superstars because children in England know the lyrics to their song… in fact… children in England wrote one of the verses! When does something like this ever happen? Not often enough obviously. The students on both sides have had an opportunity to collaborate with people from another continent, with whom they would never have had the opportunity to speak. They have built relationships to a certain extent with these students. They’ve shared thoughts and feelings, and they’ve engaged together in a creative process that has produced something astonishing. When people watch this music video, their jaws drop. It’s something special because it’s real – it’s from the heart – it’s not a “Canadian” song or a “British” song. It’s a song by young people who share a common interest. When we watch this video, we see how alike we all really are, regardless of gender, race and culture.

I can’t say enough about the positive impact this project has had on the students in Grade 6/7 and the entire school… and perhaps even on the community as a whole. I look forward to facilitating more projects like this in the future and keeping the lines of communication open. The possibilities are truly endless.”

Jonathan Carnaroli

Education recruiter pens anti-bullying anthem to mark Anti-Bullying Week 2012

Itper – the Education Recruiter pens anti-bullying anthem for Anti-Bullying Week 2012

In a move which could be the first of it’s kind, a leading children’s charity has partnered with an education staffing company in order to reach thousands of children and young people with an anti-bullying message.

The Songwriting Charity is proud to announce that it has partnered with Itper – The Education Recruiter. The partnership is being launched with a fundraising drive focusing on the charity’s BullyBeat songwriting programme. The partnership is an exciting one and will really boost the charity’s efforts to reach many more children and young people, improving their self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing.

Nathan Timothy, CEO of the Songwriting Charity said, “We recently worked with the Itper‘s entire London team. They set about writing their own BullyBeat song, “Never Alone”. Some stars were born that day!.” Nathan continued, “Itper’s willingness to show their solidarity with the thousands of children out there who are affected by bullying, was heartfelt. Their song carries a universal and very powerful message, and we are so proud to be working in partnership with Itper.”

Tim Mirsadeghi, Managing Director of Itper commented: “Corporate Social Responsibility is something Itper take’s seriously. Having witnessed the positive and immediate results of the inspirational songwriting workshops run by the Songwriting Charity in schools, we decided that we wanted to get fully involved. Not just in the background, but as a full Partner to an extraordinary children’s charity.

“At a time when private agencies are often in the news for all the wrong reasons, it’s really nice for Itper to be part of such a good news story. We’re therefore delighted to announce our Partnership with The Songwriting Charity – it’s an incredible opportunity for Itper, our teachers and our schools to make a positive difference to young people’s lives.”

“Never Alone” is available to download from The music video to accompany the song is available to watch on the charity’s Youtube Channel

Notes to Editors:

The Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity We are the number one charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting. The work of the Songwriting Charity, addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology.

The Songwriting Charity currently works with over 250 schools and non-mainstream settings across the country

The Songwriting Charity formed in 2011, and is based in London, Cambridge, Gloucestershire and Kent.

Nathan Timothy is a member of the following associations: BASCA – The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, AIM – Association of Independent Music, Musicians Union and PRS

The Songwriting Charity is an Associate Member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance

Further information and all social feeds can be found on the charity’s website:

Media enquiries to: John Quinn, Director of Engagement or 07950 022009

Information about Itper:

Itper – The Education Recruiter is a specialist education staffing agency providing teaching, technical and education support staff to schools, nurseries and colleges in London and the South East. They have offices in London and Sydney, Australia.

Itper was founded in 2003, and they are one of only two education agencies to have been awarded a perfect score every year from the Department of Education Quality Mark, in recognition of outstanding safeguarding and vetting procedures.

Itper are members of the recruitment trade bodies APSCO and The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC).

Tim Mirsadeghi is Founder and Managing Director of Itper. He is an Executive Board member of The Association of Recruitment Consultancies, (the recruitment industry trade body). He is also a member of Elite Recruitment Leaders, (a peer networking forum of recruitment industry executives), and The Institute of Directors.

Media enquiries to: Tim Mirsadeghi, Managing Director, Itper, or 020 8853 0144

Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA announced as new patron of The Songwriting Charity


The Songwriting Charity celebrates a landmark first year by proudly announcing Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA as new Patron

Nathan Timothy, Chief Executive of the Songwriting Charity said, “A year ago, I decided to consolidate my experience in education and the music industry to help children explore their emotions, friendships, hopes and fears, improving their overall sense of wellbeing, through songwriting and musical expression.”

Nathan added, “It was always about opening up opportunities for children who have no access to this level of support or creativity, helping them to achieve and feel valued, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. It’s been an incredible journey!”

Nathan continued, “Almost one year on, it makes me so proud to announce Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA as our patron. Over the past 18 years Guy has been a teacher, mentor and true friend. We share the same values and understand the importance the art and craft of songwriting can have to aid the emotional wellbeing of young people. Guy’s passion for supporting songwriters old and new is legendary and I know his influence and expertise as patron will have a huge impact on our work in the future.”

Renowned songwriter and PRS Chairman Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA said, “Having seen at first hand the results of Nathan Timothy’s work with primary school children, I had no hesitation in agreeing to be the patron of the Songwriting Charity. Nathan has an extraordinary ability to motivate children by breathing life into their musical creativity and encouraging them to believe in themselves. Over three thousand children have received this gift already this year and I am proud to be associated with this achievement.”

Since it formed in July 2011, the Songwriting Charity has gone from strength-to-strength, working with more than 3500 children and young people across 130 Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs schools. By the end of the summer 2012, children will have participated in 130 songwriting workshops and written more than 145 original songs on a range of subjects from bullying, to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. To date the songs have been streamed more than 36,000 times on the charity’s SoundCloud, and their music videos viewed more than 21,000 times on the Charity’s YouTube Channel.

Professional’s evaluations have yielded impressive figures; 97% of professionals reporting they were extremely satisfied with the charity’s work, with 94% of them stating all their objectives had been met. Of note, 83% of professionals had noticed positive changes in the behaviour of the children who participated and engaged in the songwriting workshops, and 100% would happily recommend the Songwriting Charity to colleagues and other organisations. Faye Blain, Sherington Primary School, London Borough of Greenwich commented on our work, saying it was, “possibly one of the best visiting workshops that I have participated in, in over 10 years of teaching. Pupils were open in discussing experiences and were able to show a better understanding of what bullying is. Well planned, fantastic delivery and a great connection with the pupils.”


About the Nathan Timothy Foundation – the Songwriting Charity: We are the number one charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting. The work of the Songwriting Charity, addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology. The Songwriting Charity formed in 2011, is based in London, Cambridge, Kent and Gloucestershire.

Nathan Timothy is a member of the following associations: BASCA – The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, AIM – Association of Independent Music, Musicians Union and PRS

Further information can be found on the Foundation’s website:

About Guy Fletcher OBE FRSA: Guy Fletcher has been a respected songwriter since the sixties. Recordings of his songs by Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Ray Charles, Frankie Valli, Joe Cocker and many other international stars have ensured Guy’s place in British pop history.

Still a leading light in the music industry, he was elected Chairman of the PERFORMING RIGHT SOCIETY on January 1st 2011. Wearing his commercial hat, he is Chairman of COMMERCIAL ARTS LTD, a new rights management company in the UK – specialising in bringing high-quality music based projects and their creators to their markets. He is also Chairman of CONEXION MEDIA GROUP Plc a rights management company specialising in secondary rights. Conexion Media Group (formerly Music Copyright Solutions Plc) was listed, first on OFEX then graduating to AIM in 2004. It is now one of the biggest independent administrators of music for film and television in the world.

Guy’s Creative life has been active since he achieved his first UK hit with “I Can’t Tell the Bottom From The Top” by the HOLLIES in 1969. He discovered Chris De Burgh whilst he was still at Trinity and built his career over ten years, making him an international star. Many more successes followed across many genres. His experience as writer, producer, publisher and industry guru is second to none.

Further information can be found at

Social feeds:



Young songwriters pen Olympic tunes – Sports Tracks Songwriting Marathon has been officially recognised as a London 2012 Inspire programme!!!


Media release: Immediate

Young songwriters pen Olympic tunes

26 days 26 schools 26 songs

Celebrating the 2012 Games with the world’s first songwriting marathon

The Nathan Timothy Foundation songwriting and music education project ‘Sports Tracks Songwriting Marathon’, has been granted the Inspire mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme.

The London 2012 Inspire programme recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Nathan Timothy, CEO of the Foundation said “We are thrilled to have been awarded the Inspire Mark. It makes us so proud to officially play a part in the London 2012 Games. Our vision is to unite children of all backgrounds and cultures, helping them to create their own special memories linked to these games, whilst also ensuring there is an educational legacy in place after the 2012 Games are over.”

Nathan continued: “They’ll create original songs and music, and be part of a historic occasion, offering hope for a more positive future through the metaphor of an aspiring Olympic Champion. It’s about opening up creative opportunities for children who may also have no access to this level of support or creativity, helping them to achieve and feel valued, now and long after the Games have gone.”

Seb Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games said: The Sports Tracks Songwriting Marathon is encouraging children and young people to fulfill their potential. I am proud that with the help of partners such as the Nathan Timothy Foundation, we are delivering our vision to use the power of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to boost participation in sports, literacy and music education.’ 

The Sports Tracks Songwriting Marathon is specifically designed to help children and schools celebrate the London 2012 Games through participating in a fun, physically active and creatively challenging songwriting activity. The additional aim to leave in place a creative songwriting legacy through a nurtured and long standing partnership with schools and community groups. We will run an Olympic and Paralympic Songwriting Marathon concurrently.

Notes to editors 

About the Nathan Timothy Foundation: We are the number one charity in the world dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting

The work of the Nathan Timothy Foundation – The Songwriting Charity, addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children using songwriting and music technology.

The Foundation formed in 2011, is based in London and Cambridge, but works nationally and has worked with and supported over 1300 children and young people.

The Foundation now works with over 120 primary, secondary and Special Educational Needs schools.

The charity’s one-day workshops are unique, presenting children with opportunities to sing, write lyrics, perform and record their ideas both individually and as a team – evaluating their progress and actively supporting the progress of their friends every step of the way.

Recorded material is made available for children to download via the Foundation’s SoundCloud social music platform, enabling schools to use the songs for presentations, assemblies, and special events or for use out in the wider community.

The Foundation works closely with participating schools to tailor the workshops to the needs of the students and the school through its unique legacy programme called Encore Curriculum.

About the Inspire programme: The Inspire programme is run by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. It is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the London 2012 Games – a broad participation programme spanning sport participation, education, sustainability, volunteering, and business opportunities & culture. New opportunities are being created to inspire young people and encourage the whole of the UK to join in. The Inspire programme has awarded over 1,400 different projects the Inspire mark.

About London 2012: The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are delivered by two key organisations – the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

LOCOG is responsible for staging a memorable Games in 2012. They will deliver the best possible Olympic and Paralympic Games experience for everyone involved, enabling a lasting legacy and inspiring people to join in.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is the public body responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the Games and converting the Olympic Park for long-term use after the Games.

In the summer of 2012, the UK will come alive with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Find out the latest from the London 2012 blog –

Contact details:

Nathan Timothy, CEO, Nathan Timothy Foundation, on 07779 103986

John Quinn, Director of Engagement, Nathan Timothy Foundation, on 07950 022009