Nathan Timothy Receives Prestigious BASCA Gold Badge Award

Founder and CEO of the Songwriting Charity, Nathan Timothy, has been honoured in this years Gold Badge Awards for… “inspiring and empowering a whole generation of children and young people through music.”


The BASCA Gold Badge Awards have been presented for over forty years and honour those who have worked tirelessly to support the British songwriting and composing community. This year, Nathan shares the list with a glittering collection of creative individuals.

Crispin Hunt, BASCA Chairman said: “It is a great pleasure for BASCA to celebrate the creativity, inspiration, taste and genius included in this year’s list of Gold Badge Award recipients. Each of these remarkable individuals has helped shape the architecture of the music Britain loves in their own unique and significant way. For BASCA’s community of songwriters and composers to be able to congratulate and pay tribute to their influence in our profession at this joyous event is an honour. It’ll be a good one.”

We’re very proud of Nathan for all of the hard work and dedication he has put into his songwriting career over the last couple of decades, and his work inspiring and empowering children and young people through the wonder of music and songwriting.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Nathan.

Well done, buddy!

Ely workers cycle through the night to beat bullying

Bully Beat

The SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd Songwriting Charity Nightrider Team

Workers from SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd in Ely have teamed up with the Songwriting Charity to cycle 100km round London overnight on June 6th to help raise £10,000 to beat bullying in schools.

The funds raised will mean more than 1000 children in primary schools across London, South East and the East of England will benefit directly from participation in the charity’s highly regarded anti-bullying songwriting project, Bully Beat.

Nathan Timothy, Co-Founder and CEO of the Songwriting Charity, said, “We’re very proud to have Terry and his colleagues from SAMSON MH teaming up with us! Bullying is painful, disruptive and damaging to all those affected by it. The idea behind Bully Beat is to get children across the country talking through a network of song, promoting positive anti-bullying intervention, boosting their confidence and self-esteem, some of the very things that bullying behavior destroys. The more we talk about bullying, the stronger the anti-bullying message becomes. When you transform those messages into song, they are amplified and all the more powerful.”

Terry Maley, Services Manager at SAMSON MH said, “I’m happy and grateful to be able to take part in the Nightrider to raise money for the Songwriting Charity. Bullying needs addressing, and I think more so for children who seem to suffer in silence. For the charity to be able to go into schools, and bring these children out of themselves is fantastic, as it shows them that there can be happiness and enjoyment in their lives, and I hope that my small contribution goes some way to help.”

The Songwriting Charity will use the funds raised from the Nightrider challenge to deliver Bully Beat songwriting workshops to schools in and around Ely, and other locations local to where the charity’s Nightrider fundraisers live and work.

About SAMSON Materials Handling Limited:

SAMSON are part of the internationally renowned AUMUND Group, which is based in Germany. For over 40 years, SAMSON Materials Handling have been designing and manufacturing bulk material handling equipment. We are dedicated to providing engineering solutions that are world-class in their concept, execution and delivery. With more than 3,000 installations worldwide, our products are defined by their quality, mobility, flexibility and wide range of application.

About the Nathan Timothy Foundation – Songwriting Charity: The work of the Nathan Timothy Foundation ‘Songwriting Charity’ addresses the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people using songwriting and music technology. Working from bases in Cambridgeshire, Kent and Gloucestershire, the charity’s Bully Beat songwriting project has been designed to enthuse primary aged children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious anti-bullying message.

To date children’s songs written across a range of the Songwriting Charity workshops have been streamed more than 212,000 times on the charity’s SoundCloud, and their music videos viewed more than 145,000 times via the Songwriting Charity’s YouTube Channel.

You can make a commission free donation to the Bully Beat Nightrider appeal here:

Songwriting Charity media contact:

John Quinn, Director of Engagement

M: 07950 022009


‘Thinking out Loud’


Children of Queenborough School and Nursery in Kent miming the Ed Sheeran/Amy Wadge Song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in a special video tribute, part of a school music project, filmed by Nathan Timothy, CEO of the Songwriting Charity.

‘Let The Sun Shine’ during Anti-Bullying Week


Get up on your feet


And dance to the beat

Listen to our voices

Make the right choices!

‘Let The Sun Shine’ is an anti-bullying pop song written by children at Edward Francis Primary School, Essex. We’d like to thank Headteacher Mr. Gary Soars for having us in the school and Mrs. Amy Vinnicombe for her ongoing support and encouragement. Finally, well done to all the children who took part in the workshops. The contributions were, to coin a phrase, ‘epic’! And we look forward to working at EFPS again in the New Year.

About Bully Beat in Essex
Our second Bully Beat project in Essex primary schools is supported by the Essex Music Education Hub, with generous music technology support granted by Korg Education.

Andy Hill, Head of Essex Music Education Hub said, “that the Hub is delighted to be able to support a project that raises awareness of Anti-bullying and gives young people an opportunity to perform and compose music too!”

Bully Beat has been designed to enthuse primary aged children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious anti-bullying message. We’re using informal music education and literacy working to communicate a range of key messages. Every song is written by the children. We record, produce and publish the songs at the end of the process.

The three key messages are: Looking out for your peers, particularly the most vulnerable; how to report worries, and keeping yourself safe. We think that the more we talk about it, the stronger the anti-bullying message becomes. And when you transform those messages into song, they are amplified and all the more impactive. Every workshop produces a song that every child has contributed to.

Bully Beat is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday!


Bully Beat is 8 years old today! Happy Birthday!

It’s Bully Beats 8th birthday today. Over the last eight years, Nathan Timothy (and more recently the team at The Songwriting Charity) have worked hard delivering 1500+ workshops, working with 45,000 (at the very least!) young songwriters who have contributed to thousands of songs, soundbites, stories, messages, anthems and so much more. It all started at an anti-bullying conference at Charlton Athletic Football Club. Eight years on, Nathan (and Sarah) are there again during Anti-Bullying Week working with hundreds of young people from across the Royal London Borough of Greenwich to create yet another Bully Beat classic. Bully Beat has come home!

Happy Birthday Bully Beat! And congratulations, Nathan! What an achievement… what a milestone! What a team! Lastly, The Songwriting Charity would like to say thank you to every single school, group and young songwriter for making the Bully Beat journey such a memorable one, and for contributing so much to the anti-bullying movement! We ask one favour of our readers, do something kind, please share this post.

JVC Europe Limited supports The Songwriting Charity!

Consumer electronics giant JVC (Europe Limited) have donated one of their very latest HD-Everio wireless camcorders (GZ-EX315BEK) to The Songwriting Charity; the world’s number one charity dedicated to the empowerment of youth through the art and craft of songwriting, that also boasts music producers Guy Fletcher and Rupert Hine as patrons.
CEO Nathan Timothy said:  “This is a terrific gesture by JVC Europe Limited and means we can enhance the learning experience of the vulnerable young people we work with. Some are so shy and withdrawn, the prospect of performing in front of peers (or the camera!) can be too much.
We had only one camera until now and with JVC’s help, we can enhance the children’s experience, entrusting them with technology that will help them bring to life and share their creative journey through film. It means so much that we can be even more inclusive in the creative process and entrust them with valuable resources like this; letting them take responsibility and develop a greater sense of self belief.
JVC’s kind act will undoubtedly encourage other organisations to recognise how important a seemingly small gesture can make such a huge difference to an organisation like ours. So many opportunities for CSR and collaboration exist, people and customers, want to know; to hear about companies they deal with supporting good causes and doing their bit for the good of others.”
JVC Europe’s Communications Manager, Mushtak Kazi, said: “We were very glad to be able to help and all at JVC wish The Songwriting Charity every success with their worthwhile work.”

Artist Shaun Keefe pledges to support the Songwriting Charity

In a first for the Songwriting Charity, artist Shaun Keefe has pledged his support to us by agreeing to donate 10% of profit from sales of his unique and music-themed Guitart! Shaun’s work takes an iconic image and creates stylish, bold and visually stunning original artwork.

In agreeing to support us, Shaun said, “I am absolutely delighted to be involved. The Songwriting Charity is a wonderfully unique and important venture which is successfully reaching and enhancing the wellbeing of children.

From a very young age music has been part of my life, so I know the joy that it brings. Playing the guitar and using it in my artwork has been the cornerstone of my happiness. Enabling young people to express themselves via music, is the true benefit and value this initiative brings.”

About his GuitArt, Shaun told us, “In a list of iconic designs (of the latter half) of the 20th century the electric guitar would without doubt be near the top. The people that love electric guitars aren’t just the people that play them; the world loves electric guitars. Electric guitars are the keys to rich rock memories and big music moments in people’s lives.”

GUITART from Shaun Keefe plugs in to this deep seated affection and combines the beauty, colour and style of guitars with original paintings to create unique art that people want on their walls.

Shaun Keefe in situ

Shaun Keefe Guitart in situ

We are thrilled to have Shaun’s support. We think you’ll agree that Shaun’s art is unique and would make a wonderful addition to your own collection of artwork! Each limited edition print that is sold will also include a letter signed by the artist, Songwriting Charity CEO Nathan Timothy and Songwriting Charity Patron Rupert Hine. Shaun will donate 10% of profits to the charity.

Take a look at this refreshed selection of some of his prints in the photographs below. To make an enquiry or to buy Shaun’s limited edition GuitArt, please email him directly.

Guitart Shaun Keefe

Guitart Shaun Keefe